The firm “FENIX-VITRA” was founded in Čačak in 1984. The production programme at that time was a production of processing equipment, heat exchangers and expansion-pneumatic shafts. By further work and development since 1986 we have started to produce machines and equipment for making ready-made paper and plastic wraps.
            Our firm offers possibilities for realization any of your ideas thanks to more than 20 years of experience in machine-building industry completed with modern equipment and skilled personnel. Modern technology, tradition, experience, speed and quality guarantee excellent cooperation. The firm “FENIX-VITRA” has a developed business cooperation with the following markets: Russia, Ukraina, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Croatia.


  • Production of machines and equipment for flexo printing
  • Machines for napkin production
  • Machines for handtowels in rolls and twin sheets
  • Machines for spiral paper tubes rewinding
  • Machines for cutting paper tubes
  • Machines for making ready-made adding and telefax rolls
  • Lines for making kraft sacks with flexo printing
  • Paper bag machines
  • Paper core making machines
  • Machines for vertical and transversal paper and plastic wraps cutting
  • Machines for paper and plastic wraps backing
  • Production of expansion shafts and rotary knives for paper and plastic wraps

All machines have their attestations and meet all technical-technological
requirements. We produce them in many versions so that their technical characteristcs 
can be modified according to the requests of a client.
Apart from the above mentioned machines in our production plants we do overhalls of all machine parts for typografical industry and we also offer expert consulting.